Fabricant de Handpan de qualité

The Handpan Endro®

The Endro® is a steel melodic percussion instrument from the ‘handpan’ family. This family includes instruments derived from the steelpan or steeldrum category from the Caribbean, played with sticks, whilst handpans are played with the hands.

The handpan Endro® is particular in that it brings a very intuitive and fun approach to playing because of its ergonomics and because it is tuned to a pre-determined mode.

The instrument is sensitive : a slight tapping of the fingertips is sufficient to achieve resonance, producing a note.

The timbre of the Endro® is characterised by a warm, soft sound combined with a strong, sharp vibrational resonance which is comparable to the tinkling of a bell or a crystal glass. Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of the steel table used, this produces the emission of rich harmonics tuned in fifths.

The acoustic qualities and ease of use offer multiple possible approaches to the instrument. It can be fun and recreational, purely musical or a support to meditation.

The handpan Endro®, which you place on your lap, vibrates between your hands and acts as a medium delivering expression in the creation of a sensitive sound.

Fabrication artisanale de handpan

Manufacturing a Handpan

The Endro® is a handmade musical instrument:

Making an handpan Endro® requires lots of energy, know-how and patience. A single instrument takes several hours’ work and involves many manufacturing stages.

Clearly, tuning the instrument is an art form, and a very demanding exercise. Understanding the tuning process requires real dedication as well as thousands of hours’ playing and learning. It requires complete dedication, practising every day for several years, non-stop.

Because change is ever-present, we are continually looking for improvements. Currently, we are on the fifth generation of the handpan Endro®. This fifth generation is a real turning point in the development of our manufacturing process and our tuning technique, bringing an instrument of excellent quality.

Fabrication artisanale de handpan - tôle brevetée

High quality handpan

It is our belief that the quality of materials used is crucial, as it is in many other art forms. And as a result, we have always thought that know-how shouldn’t be limited to mastering existing techniques.

This is why the key attribute of the company Ederod is also embedded singularly in its in-depth knowledge of metallurgy materials. This knowledge is the foundation of numerous years of research and development in engineering and innovation on steel sheet, strictly dedicated to musical applications. The qualities sought are quality of sound and resistance to de-tuning. We can now produce steel sheet that is perfectly suited to making handpans. The quality of our harmony tables is exceptional and offers a unique sound and greater de-tuning resistance than other known process.

The technology we use resides in the mass of materials which guarantees that the sheet metal will maintain all its qualities and homogeneity at the point it is stretched.

The technology we have developed is our own. It is protected industrially. Because we are sensitive to our environment, our company controls its ecological impact as well as possible through its choices of materials and products.

Handpan Endro®

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For any information about the Endro® and the terms of purchase of our handpans, you can contact us by phone at 0033 665 312 352, or by mail, using this contact form.