1 – How big is an Endro®?

The Endro® is around 50 centimetres diameter.

2 – Are there several different types of Endro®?

There are two types of Endro®, i.e. 8 notes (7 peripheral and 1 central) or 9 notes (8 peripheral and 1 central) divided into 5 different scales.

3 – Can I order a customised scale?

Currently we offer 5 very varied scales with different temperaments which already bring numerous musical possibilities. But we are open to suggestions which may be part of a customised project. Contact us to talk about it.

4 – Is it possible to try out an Endro®?

Yes, please contact us to arrange an appointment so that you can try one out.

5 – How long does it take for my Endro® to be delivered once I’ve placed the order?

Currently, delivery time is between 2 and 3 months. We will confirm the estimated time of delivery at the time of order.

6 – Can the Endro® be shipped?

The Endro® can be shipped by transporter. The Endro® is shipped in made-to-measure packaging to protect it from knocks during transport. Shipment is always included.

7 – What is the shipping cost?

There is little difference between France and Europe (between 50 and 70 euros). However, shipping costs increase substantially beyond Europe’s borders.

8 – Can I come and pick my Endro® up?

Yes, with the greatest pleasure.

9 – What is delivered with my Endro®?

The Endro® is delivered with a solid, made-to-measure protective cover.

10 – What maintenance does my Endro® require?

The Endro® doesn’t require any special maintenance. We simply suggest that it is kept in a dry place, protected from damp. Do not leave it exposed to bright sunshine, and ensure that the Endro® is not damp when you store it in its protective cover. We would advise you to apply FrogLube® from time to time with a microfiber cloth so as to feed the steel.

11 – Can my Endro® be repaired if it is damaged by an impact or if it has been dropped?

Yes, depending on the scale of the damage, we can repair it. Contact us to assess the possibilities.